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Eing is pronouced /'iNG(g),ENG'/
like English but no lish
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Eing (Onusa) Opastpongkarn

graphic designer / San Francisco


My name is Eing and I

A book about designing a book about a block

A book about designing a book about a block

Book / 2016

The title says it all.

This is a book about designing a book about a block called “a book about designing a book about a block”. You don’t say. This book walks you through the process of designing a book about a block from visiting a block to photographing to printing a book.


Bobaboba (revisted)

Branding / 2017-2018

It’s so nice, we gotta say it twice.

This is a revisited project. The orginal version is shown at the bottom.

Bobaboba is a concept for a boba tea shop. Not everyone knows what boba tea (tea with tapioca pearls) is, and so the challenge is to convince new customers who don't know what boba is to give it a try. Bobaboba's branding is focused on a friendly and inviting visual identity to appeal to wide range of audiences, especially targeting the younger ones. Colors and graphic elements play together to represent the rich, milky, creamy, refreshing and indulgent feel of boba milk tea.

Colors used in the system
Posters for the store opening
Other design assets including buttons and stickers on the cups

Bobaboba: original version

Sometimes you just need a pair of fresh eyes to look and realize that what was told to you a year ago is quite true.

Up until this project, I had always been drawn to the color yellow, only to later realize that there are so many other beautiful palettes out there.

I revisted this project because I felt like the core idea was there, but I couldn't express it well in the design. The time I was given was spent on researching and exploring new concepts rather than focusing on one and building upon the one that is working.

Poster for the whole visual system
Promotional video for the store opening. Each frame of the animation is an Illustrator layer
Logo type making and exploration
Image making

Each frame of the video is an Illustrator layer


Packaging / 2017

Green. Gem. Stoned.

Chrysp is a line of cannabis products that encourages you to value your intake by cutting out all the unnecessary decorative graphic elements and include all of the products themselves as a part of the design.

Translucent materials are used for packaging to emphasize the transparency of information to create a straightforward yet inviting feel.
Instead of using the iconic marijuana leaf to immediately give away the main ingredient, a subtle green spot is used to visually reference the cannabis.
The name Chrysp (pronounced as 'crisp') originates from Chrysoprase, a green gemstone. Cannabis is green (mostly). It's a gem. It gets you stoned.


Packaging / 2017

Your emotional void, physically filled.

Filled is committed to becoming your number one go-to for emotional support. The carefully fabricated and unique set of pill combinations will help you fulfill your emotional and mental voids whenever you find yourself feeling empty in a life situation and in the need of feeling fulfilled.

Perks of Filled pills

No prescription needed

Can be taken with any medications

Side effects: None

Made for everyone

+ pregnancy-friendly
+ children-age-of-7-and-above friendly
+ vegan-friendly
+ eco-friendly, gluten free
+ no sugar added
+ dairy-free
+ compostable
+ recyclable

Warning: The feeling of being fooled might occur. Please ignore.
Each of the combination sets contains 5 labeled vitamin pills that will stimulate designated parts of your brain to trigger and release specific chemicals to fill the emptiness inside.
Available for varieties of life situations, ranging from general use (Being Broke, Anti-Procrastination, etc) to more specific (Post-graduation, Bullshitting Presentations, etc…)
App Store

App store

Video / 2017

Available in App store

This video is capturing a factual archive in motion by using the existing materials that are available for everyone: apps (in the Apple App Store in particular). The visual illustrations and letters of a set of app icons is utilized to convince the audience to download more apps through a narrative voiced over by Siri. This is a commentary on the excessive amount of repetitive apps available to us.

This narrative is created in Keynote, which is also an app.

Pong CSS typeface

Pong CSS typeface

CSS typeface / 2016


Pong is a typeface designed specifically to be coded using CSS. It is heavily influenced by the classic computer game Pong.

This single-serving specimen site is divided into 3 sections: an animatable type specimen, a draggable build-your-own-letter space, and a long-scroll blown-up type specimen. Click anywhere to generate more Pong balls. Click and hold to crash your computer.



Poster and other assets / 2017

CCA level 3 review exhibition : Spring 2017

Above is a short animated digital poster to be used on social media and below is a poster to promote CCA's graphic design level 3 review exhibition in Spring 2017.

Style and color explorations

Currently updating this window


Shop - Thesis project / 2018-current

A creative dumpster selling stuff that are most likely to leave a smiley face in your heart

Neverlame is a shop that sell things that are somewhat useless, but are what Neverlame believes should exist. The shop explores the boundaries between creativity, trash and treasure, and the interplay between physical and digital forms.

Neverlame was initially created as my thesis project as an investigation on the creative boundaries I felt were imposed on me as a “graphic design” student. I felt restricted by what was expected of me, and wanted to take the opportunity to experiment with merging my personal interest and design profession. Most importantly, I wish to create something that I feel is missing in the graphic design world: playfulness.
Sound journey

Sound Journey

Video and audio / 2017


A 30-second abstract animation using motion and shape to go in sync with the audio collected.

Bart poster

BART car card

Poster / 2017

Jordan is lucky

This project is part of an etiquette poster campaign created by TBD* at CCA for Bay Area Rapid Transit, as known as “BART.” With a list of customers complaints, BART asked us to create a fun, cheeky, buzz-creating campaign that encourages behavior change or cooperation.

This poster encourages BART riders to put down their backpack when the train gets crowded to make room for other riders to get on.
Check out the article about this campaign from BART

Cheese and Crack

Cheese and Crack

Typeface / poster / 2017

Cheese and whattt?

Cheese and Crack is a typeface based on random sketches in my notebook. The name was inspired by the exhibition where it made its first appearance, Cheese’n’Crackers, curated by graphic design students at CCA in Fall 2017.

StoryCenter Video

StoryCenter video

Video / 2017

Video for a Bay Area based non-profit

As a part of TBD* at CCA, I worked with the StoryCenter team to create a simple and straightforward animation video that accurately conveys the depth and breadth of StoryCenter's mission by focusing on their digital storytelling workshop methodology, and what is offered to help broadcast StoryCenter message to a wider audience. StoryCenter is a non-profit organization that values digital storytelling as a way to empower others.

First storyboard sketch and character explorations
Illustration style explorations
Sketches of the first and second round of storyboards
Screenshots of animation process
Still images